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Survivor: Cook Islands

Thanksgiving "Survivor" for everyone. I stuffed my face with a Thanksgiving feast and am ready for a new episode.

Raro seems to be still giving Jonathan the cold shoulder. He is trying to change the ways the tribe is working because obviously it's not working in challenges. And it looks like Parvarti and Nate were snuggling a bit at camp and trying their hand at some island yoga. Another possible romance on the show!

Challenge time! MERGE time, finally! I personally was hoping for a no merge this season but I guess it was unlikely considering if Aitu lost a few more challenges they would barely be a tribe, and that's really not exciting. Aitu decides to go over use Raro's camp as their new merge tribe camp. But Yul seems to finally be showing signs of weakness with an injury to his leg. Let's hope this doesn't give the other tribe a chance to strike at him now that he is injured. Aitutonga is born, not quite an original name but I'm really not surprised.

After some feasting and a little to much wine tasting for some members Yul decides to hint to Jonathan that he might have the idol hoping to lure him back over to vote with the old Aitu since numbers wise they are down. Smart on Yul's part but he better hope Jonathan does not go back and tell the rest of his new tribe, therefore putting a bigger target on Yul's back. The idol drama seems to seep up into camp very quickly, or maybe it's just paranoia. Candice has locked her eyes on Yul because she thinks he is sneaking around talking to Jonathan, smart move girlfriend. Yul has the ace card and Jonathan is about to switch suits.

Immunity challenge. A big one because right now everyone is in danger. Seems like a repeat of one of the final challenges in Survivor: Palau. Little humans on a spit it looks like. Hang on the longest you win, fight to the death people! Seems like the girls are doing a lot better than the men in this challenge, it comes down to Ozzy and the three ladies; Parvarti, Becky, and Candice. It comes down to Candice and Ozzy and Candice drops after a respectable 2 hours and OZZY wins the first individual immunity! Go old Aitu!!!!!

Back at camp Yul is hammering it into Jonathan's head that he will go home tonight unless he votes with Yul and his old tribe members. Yul's group will vote for Jonathan and it's likely that Jonathan's tribe will vote for Yul, Yul has the idol so the person with the next amount of votes would go home, which would be Jonathan. Anyone is Jonathan's place would flip over with Yul, it's not worth risking it. Smart move Yul, smart!!!

There is major scrambling going on trying to figure things out with the new tribes, and Candice and Adam start smooching away which I can't even talk about because its so gross! Brush your teeth- bleh!

Tribal Council is not that exciting. I really think all of old Raro thinks Yul is going home but that's not the case. Jonathan took the bait and flipped and helped vote off NATE! It was a shocker and you can see it in everyone's face. Nate's parting words are a little harsh calling Jonathan about every nasty name in the book, it was GREAT! Be mad I love it....

Till next time. This season is getting better by the second.