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Survivor: Cook Islands

Aitu grills their temporary tribe member Nate about his other camp, his swimming abilities, etc. And Flicka lets her team know she did not appreciate being left out for the Cao Boi vote and Nate takes notes.

Yul, Candice, and Kenny show that they clearly want to make the final three and everyone else is causality among them. We will see how planning that far ahead works out for them.

A Survivor catalogue turns up at camp, and they can pick two items to get if they win. Aitu seems clear that he wants peanut butter and so does Raro. I can't disagree; I am fond of peanut butter myself! The challenge is that each tribe will pick three tribe members to swim out to a platform and jump off breaking tiles that release a key. The keys open a lock with puzzle pieces; the first one to assemble the world puzzle wins. And of course the winners exile someone. Aitu picks Ozzy, Candice, Yul, Raro Rebecca, Parvarti and Adam are the swimmers. Ozzy really shines in the water and Rebecca has some serious trouble and a minor wardrobe malfunction. Aitu, of course, wins another thanks to Ozzy in my opinion and they exile Adam.

Candice and Flicka share a girl-on-girl peanut butter kiss. Yum! On the other tribe Nate hates on Adam for not joining the challenge, and the hate spreads quickly through the tribe. Adam takes a major beating on exile with the rain.

Meanwhile, back on the super tribe, Superman Ozzy catches a bird! What!! I'm worried he may be such a force that he may be in danger of getting the boot.

Immunity challenge time! Each tribe will arrange a series of logs to build a staircase, then retrieve pieces of a puzzle. First to solve them wins. Aitu sits out Jonathan. Raro wins immunity finally and celebrate like they mean it.

Tribal council time and no new information is provided. The person voted out tonight is Flicka. No real surprise she has been on the outside for a bit.