Survivor 4: Back to The Beach

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The newest crop of Survivor contestants are going back to the beach. To get a look at the remote Pacific Island the 16 castaways will call home for 39 days, Early Show National Correspondent Jon Frankel headed to the Marquesas.

Survivor: Marquesas takes place on the Island of Nuku Hiva, the capital of the French-governed Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific. It has been called one of the most remote areas in the world, located more than 4,000 miles from the nearest continent, which is South America.

Author Herman Melville used Nuku Hiva as the setting for his first novel and he said: "No description can do justice to its beauty." Beauty many viewers felt was missing in last season's Survivor: Africa, in which contestant were landlocked in a thorned burma for fear of wildlife.

Casting Call
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In Survivor: Marquesas, participants are free to roam the shores of an idyllic landscape, which is why it's surprising to note that Nuku Hiva wasn't the first choice for the fourth Survivor.

"We were planning on going to Jordan," explains Jeff Probst, Survivor host. "We couldn't go to Jordan, thankfully. So we came to Tahiti, to Nuku Hiva."

After the attacks of Sept. 11, Survivor producers decided to cancel their plans to shoot in the Middle East and set up camp in the middle of nowhere.

It took six weeks to negotiate with local authorities and build a base camp, the office for 39 days. There's a crew of 220 people including 50 locals, but ask them about Survivor and what it is. They don't know. They've never seen the show before. They think it's a movie.

And that's just fine, as far as Survivor staffers are concerned. After all, a shroud of secrecy still surrounds the show - wherever it may be.

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