Woman: "Supposedly I'm dead. But I'm not"

SHAFTER, Calif. -- A Bakersfield woman says her face has been posted on several donation jars in the city of Shafter, asking for funds to pay for her funeral, reports CBS Bakersfield affiate KBAK-TV.

Lupita Gonzalez says her mother was contacted over the weekend by a family member who lives in Shafter, which is some 18 miles outside Bakersfield, concerned that Lupita had died.

Taken aback, Lupita said, her mother immediately called her to check on her well-being.

She was indeed alive. The picture was taken from her Facebook profile. Along with it, the jars had a sob story about a girl named “Enriquetta Nunez” who had died and whose family needed money to bring her remains back to Mexico.

If Enriquetta was ever a real person, she certainly was not the one pictured on the jars.

Lupita said she and her family found 2 jars at different business in Shafter. They heard about another one, but were unable to retrieve it.

“It’s a scary feeling,” said Lupita.

Lupita told KBAK, “Supposedly, I’m dead. But I’m not. I’m alive. I’m very alive. I’m here!”

She said she has no idea who made the jars, though she and police have been gathering information from store owners to create a description of a possible suspect.

Lupita is asking people to stop donating.