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Peyton Manning: HGH allegations are "nothing but pure junk"

On Monday, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning addressed a report that linked him to Human Growth Hormone, or HGH
On Monday, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton ... 01:50

With six days until Super Bowl 50, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning addressed a report that links him to human growth hormone (HGH), a performance enhancing drug that's banned by the NFL.

Manning told CBS Sports NFL analyst Bill Cowher, of "The NFL Today," that the allegations are false.

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BILL COWHER: You have vehemently denied the allegations with the [human growth hormone]. I know the NFL is doing an ongoing investigation. Have you talked to them and do you plan on fully cooperating with them?

PEYTON MANNING: Absolutely. As far as I know, that's going to start after the season as far as my role, and I welcome that investigation. And I understand when an allegation is made, that the NFL has no choice to investigate it. I get that, but I can tell you what they're going to find: a big fat nothing. It's been completely fabricated as far as the allegations of what they suggested that I did. It's been nothing but pure junk, and I welcome that investigation. So I think that will start right after the season.

COWHER: The quarterback on the other side, Cam Newton, describe his style.

MANNING: Oh boy, he is fun to watch ...

COWHER: But do you know last week his longest run was 14 yards and yours was 12?

MANNING: But the difference is it took him, you know, 1.2 seconds to make 14 yards. It took me 10 seconds to get 12 yards.

COWHER: You had to lead, you were using clock?

MANNING: That's right I was doing that, I am glad you pointed that out. It sure felt like I was running longer. It felt like a 30 yard run ... and I only got 12?

See the full interviews with Peyton Manning and the Panthers' Cam Newton on Sunday, February 7 on CBS during coverage of Super Bowl 50. Pregame begins at 2 p.m. ET.

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