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NFL ad celebrates "Super Bowl Babies"

For the kids featured in a much-talked-about NFL campaign ,the Super Bowl game never mattered as much as its outcome
NFL Celebrates 'Super Bowl Babies' 01:51

SAN FRANCISCO -- For the kids featured in a much-talked-about NFL campaign, the Super Bowl never mattered as much as its outcome. Set to the music of Seal's "Kissed By A Rose," the video features babies, children and adults who have one thing in common: They were all born nine months after their parents' home team won the Super Bowl.

The 2008 Super Bowl babies were born to parents of New York Giants fans. NFL/Grey Group

The "Super Bowl Babies Choir" is a 60-second spot set to air during Super Bowl 50 between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. The choir includes 49-year-old Green Bay Packers babies all the way to 1-year-old Seattle Seahawks infants.

"For 49 years, our fans have rallied around their favorite teams on Super Bowl Sunday and passed their pride and passion down to the next generation," said NFL Chief Marketing Officer Dawn Hudson. "We are excited to celebrate our football families by shining the spotlight on 'Super Bowl Babies,' those fans born into a lifelong love of their team and the game."

"An event like this brings so many people together, and to have a song I wrote 25 years ago still be so loved is very special for me," Seal said in a statement. "I can't wait to be at Super Bowl and be a part of Super Bowl 50 with the NFL."

The NFL worked with the Super Bowl winning teams to find these babies. They sent out emails to season ticket holders and then held auditions. Ella McHugh and Maddox Butler are two of the kids chosen to represent the Indianapolis Colts in the ad.

"I didn't even realize she was a Super Bowl baby until we got to New York because they didn't tell us what the commercial was about until we got there," said Brandy McHugh, mother of Ella.

Nine months after the Colts won the 2007 Super Bowl, a crop of Super Bowl babies was born in Indianapolis. Indianapolis Colts

"It was pretty funny," recalled Amy Gandolph, Maddox's mother. "He's definitely here because of the Colts winning the Super Bowl that year."

The video campaign, created by Grey New York, led some folks on social media to wonder if they could also be a Super Bowl baby.

Also in the choir is Pittsburgh Steelers fan Tanya Young from Royersford, Pennsylvania. Super Bowl X, played in January 1976, has a special meaning for her and her mother.

The Super Bowl Babies Choir. NFL/Grey Group

"We laughed about it," said Tanya's mother, Alice Ingram. "Tell you the truth, I don't remember the moment," she joked.

It's a true labor of love, as the "Super Bowl Babies" prepare to welcome its new generation of members.

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