Super Bowl 2014: Who's the guy in the Bud Light ad?

Bud Light chose an unknown -- Ian Rappaport -- to star in their Super Bowl 2014 ad
Bud Light chose an unknown -- Ian Rappaport -... 00:51

The competition for the most outstanding Super Bowl ad is always discussed on the Monday morning after America's most watched sporting event.  Frank Luntz, CBS News consultant, said, "Some of these companies pay more than $1 million just to create these ads."  

On average, a 30-second spot during last night's game cost $4 million

For Bud Light, having an ad in the Super Bowl is a tradition. Bud has had an ad every year for the past 26 years. Based on the results of focus group that watched about 90 ads last night, Luntz said "It (Bud Light's ad) did reasonably well. It was memorable."

Bud Light's "Epic Night" was an ad starring a 27-year-old.  So who is that 27-year-old?

Ian Rappaport was just trying to earn a few extra bucks at a focus group.

Rappaport was an unwitting participant in a hidden camera adventure that included a cameo by Don Cheadle, a game of "tiny tennis" with Arnold Schwarzenegger and a concert with One Republic.

Rappaport told "CBS This Morning," "I never in a million years would I think that there were camera watching me and this whole thing was going on for a Super Bowl commercial." 

Filming for the Bud Light spot happened several weeks ago. Rappaport, a Giants fan, spent the night watching the Super Bowl with family and friends at the Bud Light Hotel in New York City.

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    Lulu Chiang

    Lulu Chiang is a senior producer for CBS News based in New York.