Summer Wedding For Prince William, Kate?

Are Prince William and longtime on-again-off-again girlfriend Kate Middleton finally planning to tie the knot?

The French society magazine Point de Vue says wedding bells will finally ring out for the two this summer, reports CBS News correspondent Mark Phillips.

He says the beaches of St Tropez may be lacking in Euro-royalty this summer because William and Kate will be walking down the aisle. if the magazine is to be believed.

It says European royalty have been quietly told to keep their summer schedules free so they can attend the as-yet-unannounced wedding of William and his now on-again girlfriend.

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It's a revelation that has come as a surprise to British royals watchers -- and most likely to the royals themselves. Phillips notes.

"You say one thing," observes Mail on Sunday Showbiz Editor Katie Nicholl, "and then Prince William goes and does another, but I just think, at the moment, things are solid stable and good, but not necessarily ready for an engagement just yet."

No one is denying that William and Kate are a solid item again, Phillips points out. They found that breaking up was really hard to do after their announced parting of the ways two years ago, which was followed by an un-announced, but widely understood, resumption of the relationship.

William is in the news for an entirely different reason, as well. His father, Prince Charles, on a visit to the Galapagos Islands, has named a tortoise after his first-born.

Royal wedding plans, however, seem to be moving about as quickly as the tortoise now known as William, Phillips says.