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Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Sarah On Copenhagen

Some day, hopefully soon, Sarah Palin will say something original or interesting. That would be a refreshing change. In the meantime, the fringe right's favorite poster gal keeps reminding John McCain of his worst-ever decision.

In a byline op-ed appearing in the Washington Post's online edition late Tuesday, Palin basically dismissed the work of thousands of serious scientists and calls on President Obama to boycott the Copenhagen conference. I'm sure the White House is going to give her advice the consideration it is due.

Sarah the Scientist hardly wastes a breath, writing in her lead paragraph that the "radical environmental movement appears to face a tipping point." No it doesn't. And the fact that she has the chutzpah to smear the work of dedicated scientists as little more than political hacks and apparatchiks speaks volumes about the Sarah Palin we can expect to hear from as 2012 approaches. As for her oh so forgettable piece, Palin relies on a series of cut-and-paste half truths and out-of-context attacks to present her case. The rightwing press and lapdog sections of the blogosphere no doubt will scream themselves hoarse with celebration this evening. Saner minds will just shake their heads and wonder about the dumbing down of America.

Richard Nixon advisor, Murray Chotiner would have approved of the method. Chotiner was the political attack hack who schooled Nixon to be, well, Nixonian. Palin is showing herself to be a worthy successor, abeit with one difference. No matter whether you agreed with his policies, Tricky Dick was actually a big brain. Can anyone say the same about Palin and not crack up laughing?


Little Green Footballs weighs in with a smart take tonight on Palin's column. Ditto for Marc Ambinder. Haven't seen much interesting from the Palin amen corner yet. Maybe on Wednesday.

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