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Stupid Criminals: 911 For A Cheeseburger/ Drunk Driving On A Bulldozer

Video Courtesy Of ABC Station KATU

CLACKAMAS, ORE. (CBS) An Oregon man was so outraged that McDonald's got his order wrong, he called 911 — three times!

A dispatcher told Jeremy Martin that police would not to be coming to his aid and that he should take his complaint up with the McDonald's manager. Martin proceeded to call 911 two more times, according to TV station KATU.

After the third call, the dispatcher did send a police unit to the McDonald's.

But instead of assisting Martin, the officer arrested him for improper use of the 911 service. Martin spent the night in jail.

(Huron County Sheriffs Off.)
NORWALK, OHIO (CBS) An Ohio man is accused of driving drunk...on a bulldozer.

Robert Tite was arrested and charged with criminal mischief last Friday after allegedly driving a bulldozer through his neighbor's yard, according to a police report.

Tite apparently uprooted his neighbor's trees and grass with the bulldozer before Huron County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived and arrested him. The report states that Tite was suspected of using alcohol.

Tite posted $18,000 bond and was released.

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