Stunning time-lapse sequence shows Earth from the International Space Station

(CBS) - So far today we've given you a lot of cats, a little music and so now we turn our attention to one of our favorite subjects that hasn't been covered yet: space! Check out this beautiful time-lapse sequence of Earth as seen from the International Space Station.

The truly stunning video was posted by Vimeo user Michael König who writes about it:

Time lapse sequences of photographs taken by Ron Garan and the crew of expedition 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October, 2011, who to my knowledge shot these pictures at an altitude of around 350 km with a high ISO HD Camera developed by NHK Japan, nicknamed the SS-HDTV camera. All credit goes to them. I intend to upload a FullHD-version presently. HD, refurbished, smoothed, retimed, denoised, deflickered, cut, etc. All in all I tried to keep the looks of the material as original as possible, avoided adjusting the colors and the like, since in my opinion the original footage itself already has an almost surreal and aestethical visual nature.

A big salute goes out to all those involved in the making of this wonderful video from us here at The Feed!