<strong>Clinton Advisors Still Fretting Over Obama's Fundraising Surge</strong>

More than a week after Sen. Barak Obama shocked the presidential race by reporting that he had raised almost as much as the Democratic front-runner, allies of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton are still in shock as they scramble to beat him in the next report.

"First he terrorized us by not reporting his totals early and now we have to figure out how to beat him in the money primary," said one Clinton associate.

The ally explained that there is a concern that it might be hard to keep pace, explaining that the New York senator tapped into her major donors who provided large amounts, possibly up to the limit, which means they can't contribute any more.

Obama, meanwhile, likely took in thousands of smaller donations, much like 2004 Democrat Howard Dean. "We need to bring in more small donors and expand our base," said the Clinton. associate.

By Paul Bedard