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Massachusetts man says someone broke into his home, cleaned it and then left without stealing anything

A Massachusetts man said he left home for work earlier this month and was shocked when he came back to find someone else had been there during the day. But the mysterious stranger didn't steal anything, the person just cleaned the place and left.

Nate Roman told CBS News he first noticed something was off when he smelled cleaning chemicals and saw a door closed that was normally open. "That freaked me out," the Marlborough man said of the May 15 incident. "I went in to protective parent mode when I saw that my son's room had been cleaned and called the police."

However, he quickly realized this wasn't a typical break-in, he wrote in a Facebook post. "Ready for the weird part? Not only did they not take anything (that I can find), but the purpose of the visit was to clean my bathrooms and bedrooms."

Roman explained that the visitor made the beds, vacuumed his rugs and scrubbed the toilets. The stranger even folded the toilet paper into roses as a final touch. He posted an image of the decorative creation on Facebook.

I need to share an experience. Today, while I was at work, a stranger entered my house. It's possible that I forgot to...

Posted by Nate Roman on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

After the initial shock wore off, the homeowner wrote that he realized he may have forgotten to lock his back door and noted the person didn't break anything while entering the home. He also said on Facebook that he didn't set his home security alarm, so he doesn't have footage of the incident.

While the invasion may seem strange, Roman said he believes the reason behind the break-in was an accident by someone working for a cleaning service. "I'm pretty sure, based on the quality of the toilet paper flowers, that this was a professional that made a mistake," he told CBS News. "But there's no way to really know."

Police told CBS Boston that Roman called them on May 16 to report a breaking and entering. There are currently no suspects, after authorities spoke with neighbors and they did not see anything suspicious.

"I wish someone would come clean," said Roman. "Pun absolutely intended."

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