Strange Sport

Bob Schieffer
I know everyone else is worried about skating but here's my Olympic question: what's all this curling?

As I went to bed the other night, they were curling. I got up at 5:30 and there was more curling. Or maybe the same curling. And what is curling anyway?

My wife wandered by the television the other night and said, "Are they bowling on ice?"

No and they are not waxing the floor with those long handled squeegees. Nor or they skating without skates. They are sliding around on the ice in their shoes, the way we used to do as kids when we would slide down the hall in our socks.

They tell me curling is very big in Canada but what this looks like to me is something people do so they can have a beer afterward.

Whatever it is, it is beyond me. The teams strategize and then they slide those little smudge pots or tea kettles are whatever they are down the ice and then the announcer says, 'it's four to nothing.' But I have no idea why.

The other night the announcer described a lady curler as the Roger Clemens of curling. Said she liked to throw the high, hard one.

Say what? Roger Clemens? I know it's my fault but I'm missing something here.

Maybe the summer Olympics will be more my thing. I hear they may give miniature golf a lot of attention.