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Stone's Bush Biopic Trailer Surfaces

The trailer for Oliver Stone's biopic of President George W. Bush, "W," is now online. The film is expected to be released October 17th, less than three weeks before voters go to the polls to choose Mr. Bush's successor.

The movie appears to portray the young Mr. Bush as a beer-drinking, hard-partying screw up who looks chastened during a lecture from his father, George H.W. Bush.

"If I remember correctly, you didn't like the sporting goods job," the elder Bush says in the trailer. "Working in the investment firm wasn't for you either, or the oil rig job. You didn't exactly finish up with flying colors in the Air National Guard, junior."

Josh Brolin, who starred in "No Country For Old Men," portrays President Bush in the film, which also features portrayals of Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Tony Blair, Colin Powell, Karl Rove, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney.

It is impossible to know what, if any, impact the film might have on the presidential election. Democrat Barack Obama and other Democrats have tried to cast rival John McCain as representing a continuation of Bush administration policies, and a negative portrayal of that administration and Mr. Bush himself could feed into that narrative.

Watch the trailer below.

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