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Stolen Street Signs? Give the Streets Boring Names, Says One Georgia Official

Ga. Official: Make Street Names Less Fun To Stop Theft; Green Acres, Mary Jane Lane Popular

DARIEN, Ga. (CBS/AP) Imagine a world where every street is named Main Street.

It's guaranteed to make your GPS talk to itself.  But with thieves in one rural county in Georgia stealing more than 500 street signs a year, one official says the best solution is to make the street names...well, boring.

McIntosh County Commissioner Mark Douglas says signs marking Green Acres, Boone's Farm and Mary Jane Lane are frequently stolen.

He figures sign-stealers are drawn to them because they share names with - in order - a popular TV series, a low-cost wine or, in the third case, a slang term for marijuana.

Then there are the stolen signs for Harmony Hill. Douglas thinks the thieves just like the alliteration.

Whatever the cause, it's become a costly problem. County Manager Luther Smart says the area is paying $17,000 a year to replace the signs.

He's seeing dollar signs.