Stolen ring shows up on Facebook, leads to arrest in Pa.

Stolen ring shows up on Facebook, leads to arrest in Pa.
Social media platform and part-time crime solver

(CBS/AP) - TRAFFORD, Pa - Here's a tip for all you web-savvy criminals out there: don't "like" your stolen goods. A Pennsylvania couple has been arrested after the woman posted a picture of a stolen diamond ring on Facebook, according to police.

Police in Trafford say 21-year-old Robert Driscoll, of Pitcairn, stole the ring from his girlfriend's cousin's home then gave it to 20-year-old Crystal Yamnitzky. Authorities say Yamnitzky posted a picture of the new ring online, saying it was a gift from Driscoll.

Authorities say Yamnitzky's cousin had already alerted police that the $12,000 ring and other jewelry had been stolen.

Police soon questioned Yamnitzky and tracked down Driscoll. Officials say he'd fled and sold all the jewelry for $250.

Driscoll's grandmother told local news station WTAE that Driscoll was under pressure to give an engagement ring to Yamnitzky, his longtime girlfriend.

"All the time, 'I want a ring. I want a ring. I want a ring.' Well, so do I. You know, I'm not going to get a ring," said Mimi DeCario.

And if you do, Ms. DeCario, make sure it's legit before bragging about it on Facebook.