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Stimulus Spending: What Americans Did With $600

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While ambling around the Bureau of Labor Statistics site (a fantastic trove of information), I stumbled upon a Consumer Expenditure Survey that details how Americans spent their 2008 Economic Stimulus Payments, which were actually IRS tax rebates.

Here's how 130 million income tax filers spent their $600 (for individuals) or $1,200 (married filing jointly):

2008 Economic Stimulus Package (tax rebate) used mostly for
Paying off debt 49%
Spending 30%
Saving 18%
Reason not reported 3%
Source: Consumer Expenditure Survey, June 2008-March 2009

These results beg the question: what exactly did this money stimulate and was it worth the cost? Let's think long and hard before we start doling out "Stimulus II"...

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