Still Modest After All These Wins

Tom Brady has led the New England Patriots to three Super Bowl titles in four years, the latest coming Sunday night with a 24-21 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. He threw for 236 yards and two touchdowns.

After the big game, CBS News Correspondent Jim Acostas caught up to the star quarterback.

The team is dazzling in its commitment to excelling at the fundamentals, and turning other teams' mistakes into game-breaking opportunities, Acostas observes on The Early Show Monday.

Brady told Acostas the secret to the Pats' success is simple: "I think everyone buys in to win. It's a selfless group of guys that's committed to try and do everything to win. And we do, and we have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. And a bunch of guys that work I can't say that -- that work really hard to go out there and, the way that turns out, is a bunch of guys that you couldn't be more proud of. You couldn't ask for a better group of guys in the locker room."

Acostas notes that, despite all the success, despite all the accolades, Brady remains humble, avoiding comparisons to other pro football greats.

"If we can't call you a dynasty, what can we call you?" Acostas wanted to know.

"A great friggin' team," Brady answered. "A great team. Super Bowl champs. I'll take that. Super Bowl 39 champs. That's what it is.

Can the Pats make it four out of five? "I mean, oh, man," Brady replied. "It's really hard to think about next year. But I'm sure we're gonna give it everything we can. We always do."

It was a difficult week for Brady. His grandmother died four days before the Super Bowl.

He told reporters he believed she was watching down on the team.

Success came fast for Brady -- so fast, even Brady has trouble believing his own accomplishments.

At 27, he's still young enough to surpass the Montanas, the Aikmans, the Bradshaws: "This is my fifth year on the team. And uh -- we won the Super Bowl three of those years. And you're right. It's been a fast five years. It's been a fast last four. This year has gone quick. But. like I said, it's hard to put all into perspective."

Brady is also the youngest quarterback to win three Super Bowls, and he's won all nine of his postseason games so far.