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Steve Jobs Staying On At Apple

The eyes of the computer industry were on San Francisco Wednesday, when Apple computer founder Steve Jobs held his company's semi-annual pep rally.

John Lobertini of CBS station KPIX reports that Jobs told 6,000 cheering fans at the MacWorld show that he's in for the long haul. He's dropping the "interim" from the CEO title he has held since 1997.

He also announced that Apple will team up with Internet service provider EarthLink Network to deliver new Internet services to Apple computer users in the U.S.

Jobs, who is credited with pulling Apple Computer back from the brink of ruin, detailed some of his successes and said he hopes stockholders and customers are happy enough to let him make running the company a permanent job. That was greeted by roars of approval.

Some 115,000 Mac fans are expected to attend the huge show -- which spotlights Apple's products and looks at the future of the company. New products span the range from digital home video to educational software.

Jobs is also chairman and C.E.O. of Pixar Animation Studios -- which produced top-selling films including Toy Story and Toy Story Two.

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