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Stephen Colbert describes the perfect joke

Colbert and the perfect joke 01:21

During an interview for “Face the Nation,” “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert sat down with moderator John Dickerson for a wide- ranging interview, and Colbert told what he described as the perfect joke. 

“Two peanuts were walking down the street. And one was assaulted” Colbert said.

Colbert on finding the right spot to deliver his monologue 02:46

“That’s Ann Dickerson’s favorite joke.” Dickerson responded, referring to his family’s love for the particular joke. “Why is it a perfect joke?”

At the risk of ruining the joke, Colbert explained the many levels to an otherwise simple joke. For starters, “it starts off with two inanimate objects walking, so you know it’s funny.”

“It’s dark because there’s violence.” Colbert explained and added, “Then the violence is alleviated by knowing that, oh, it was just a salted nut.” Darkness, according to Colbert, is the root of a lot of comedy. This joke turns an otherwise dangerous situation into “something tasty.”

“I also want that entire explanation on the easel at my funeral.” Colbert joked.

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