Stephen Colbert chooses three things to save if his house caught fire

Stephen Colbert reveals the three things he would take from his house if it caught on fire during an upcoming interview for “Face the Nation.” During a special interview set to air Christmas morning, Colbert told moderator John Dickerson what he would take with him once his family was out safely.

“I would take a crucifix off my wall that was my mother’s.” Colbert explained. The comedian has made his strong Catholic faith no secret from his fans during his tenure as host of Comedy Central’s hit “Colbert Report” and now as the current host of the “Late Show.” As for the other items Colbert would take from his house: a family photograph album and his cell phone. Dickerson asked the comedian what was so important about his cell phone.

“So I can call the fire department.” Colbert quipped. “I’m practical.”

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