Staying Safe In The Summer

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When In Doubt, Throw It Out
Summertime means picnics, barbecues, camping and poolside dining. So medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay offers from The Early Show kitchen food safety tips.

The Right Way To Bounce
Summer is peak season for kids' injuries. In ConsumerWatch, Susan Koeppen reports on a growing source of such injuries: trampolines. Most trampoline injuries are relatively minor, but some kids have been paralyzed and even killed.

Keeping Your Kids Safe Outdoors
The Fourth of July can be a dangerous day for kids. So Parenting Magazine's Camille Chatterjee visits The Early Show to offer suggestions on keeping kids safe from fireworks, sunburn and more.

The Right Way To Bounce
Summer is peak season for kids' injuries. In ConsumerWatch, Susan Koeppen reports on a growing source of such injuries: trampolines. Most trampoline injuries are relatively minor, but some kids have been paralyzed and even killed.

Prevent Fireworks' Accidents
Fireworks are a big part of the Fourth of July celebrations. Yet the Consumer Product Safety Commission offers a demonstration to show how in the wrong hands fireworks can have dangerous, even deadly consequences.

Ensuring A Safe Summer For Kids
The kids are out of school and that means injuries are more likely ahead. So on The Saturday Early Show, Dr. Sean Kenniff of CBS News Miami station WFOR offered tips to help you keep your children safe.

Deadly Danger: Rip Currents
More people will drown in oceans this year than will die from hurricanes, tornados or lightning strikes in the U.S. But, says Sharyn Alfonsi, these deaths are preventable, if you know how to deal with rip currents.

Danger Signs For Thrill Rides
Before your kids get on those wild amusement park rides, you might want to check out these safety tips from Alan Korn, public policy director of the National SAFE KIDS Campaign.

Beating the Heat
Do you know the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion and how to treat each? Dr. Emily Senay offers advice to help cope with the symptoms of each and gives tips on avoiding these ailments altogether.

How To Survive Summer
If you get sunburn, get bitten by mosquitoes, are exposed to poison ivy, or have swimmer's ear, do you know what to do? Dr. Emily Senay offers advice to help cope with the health hazards that come with summer fun.

Stressing Pool Safety
With the warm season under way, grocery chain exec Stew Leonard Jr. visits The Early Show to offer water safety tips. Leonard and wife Kim started a water safety foundation after their young son drowned in the family pool.

Life Vests Save Lives
In 2003 alone, more than 700 people died from boating accidents, and 80 percent of them weren't wearing life jackets. With summer around the corner, The Early Show gets tips to keep you safe when going boating.

Is The Pool Clean?
A study released by the CDC found that 54 percent of all swimming pools were in violation of at least one public health code. So before you dive in, find out how you can keep from getting sick.

Don't Swim Behind A Boat
Summer boating season is now in full swing, but it comes with a warning this holiday weekend. CBS National Correspondent Hattie Kauffman reports people are dying from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fireworks Are Not For Kids
Fireworks injure thousands of people each year - more than half of them children, and most around the Fourth of July. Angela Mickalide of the National Safe Kids campaign relates some safety tips to prevent fireworks injuries.

Advice For Backyard Safety
There is more to backyard safety than protecting your children around a swimming pool. Denene Millner of Parenting magazine visitedThe Early Show to share more information.

DEET: The Bug Spray To Use
The Early Show's medical contributor Dr. Mallika Marshall offers advice on the best types of insect repellent to use on yourself and your children.

A Good Fit For Bike Helmets
A recent study showed 96 percent of participants do not know how to fit a bike helmet on children correctly, despite thinking it's very easy to do. The Early Show Medical Correspondent Emily Senay showed how.

Health In A Summer Blackout
Blackouts are not only inconvenient, but they can also become dangerous when it comes to heat-related illness and food. Dr. Mallika Marshall offered safety tips on The Saturday Early Show.

Guidelines For Water Safety
Summertime means that people are spending more time in the water, a logical time of year for the American Academy of Pediatrics to issue a policy statement on the prevention of drowning for children and youth.

Rash Treatment For Kids
On The Saturday Early Show, Dr. Mallika Marshall from WBZ-TV gave some tips on spotting and treating common skin disorders in children &151; like eczema, scabies and poison ivy.

The Biting Season
Insect bites are a regular part of summer for most people. Dr. Bruce Katz On The Early Show, Dr. Bruce Katz offered advice on how to identify and treat different bug bites.

Barbecue Safety
Before lighting up the barbecue, chef and veteran New York City fireman Joe Bonanno says to follow some few basic tips to make an outdoor cookout fun and safe for everyone.

Sun Safety
Sunbathing is a favorite summertime ritual for many. But it's important to be aware of the risks from exposure to the sun's bright rays. A dermatologist visited The Early Show with advice for protecting your skin.

Beware Of Summer Hazards
The summer months are among the most dangerous for children, because they are out of school and often lack adequate adult supervision. Dr. Mallika Marshall has tips for keeping children injury-free.

Pool Safety For Children
Champion swimmer and four-time Olympic gold medalist Janet Evans talks about pool safety.

Staying Cool In Extreme Heat
When stifling temperatures sweep across the country, The Early Show medical correspondent Dr. Emily Senay reminds us how to stay healthy.

Backyard Hazards And Your Kids
Parents magazine published a list of backyard hazards that are easily avoidable and a nice reminder of what to keep children safe. The magazine's editor-in-chief, Sally Lee, visited The Early Show to explain.

When The Dog Bites
Man's best friend has sharp teeth. But a dog that is properly trained generally will not bite you unless provoked. Early Show Contributor Debbye Turner has some good practical advice.

Be Safe When You Get Wet
As families settle around water to escape the heat, they need to think safety first. Nancy Edmonds, from the Red Cross shared summer safety tips with The Early Show.

Faster And Scarier Coaster Rides
New amusement rides are faster and scarier than ever. The Early Show's Tracy Smith reported some people would like the rides to come under local or federal oversight.

Fun (And Safety) In The Sun
After a long winter, many Americans are looking forward to having fun in the sun, but those rays might not be as healthy as they feel. Dr. Barney Kenet visits The Early Show to discuss skin protection.

Staying Cool In The Heat
Warm days of sunshine can trigger heat stroke if you're not careful. Here are some ways to safely enjoy high temperatures.

Scenic But Deadly
A federal study says urban highways get more money and attention than rural roads, many of which weren't built to handle their present volumes of traffic.

Kids And Summer Dangers
Summer can bring injuries along with good times for children, and it never hurts to be prepared. CBS News Health Contributor Dr. Jordan Metzl has some well-timed advice.

Drowning Dangers Targeted
A study on drownings has shown that lakes, rivers and ponds pose the biggest danger for youngsters, except in the case of children younger than 5. Those very young children drown most often in tubs or pools.

Health Tips For Summer Camp
How can you tell whether your child's camp will provide a healthy and safe environment? Dr. Emily Senay has some tips for parents.

Danger On The Backyard Grill
With a little sensible preparation and caution, your summer barbecues can remain untainted by illness caused by bad meat.