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Staying Fit While Still Enjoying Vacation

Going on vacation is no excuse to ditch your workout. Minna Lessig tells us what you can do in a day at the beach.

"You can take almost any exercise you do in the gym and adopt it for the beach. Plus, you've got the added benefit of sand, which provides the resistance essential for strength training. A great workout combines cardio and strength exercises and always starts with that all-important warm-up," says Lessig.

"Before starting any exercise routine, you want to warm up and take maybe 5-6 minutes to raise your core body temperature and low intensity like power walking when we're outdoors in the sand," she says.

Here are her exercise tips for the beach:

For squats, stand with your hands up on your shoulders. Your abs should be in tight. Pretend like there's a chair behind you, and you're going to sit down on it. Distribute your body weight evenly and watch your knees that they stay over your feet and not creeping past your toes.

Do a set of 10-15 reps. If you want, you can take it into jumps, explosive, off the sand. Squat jumps help to increase quickness within the muscles and boy do you really feel the burn. It's great for your legs. It works your quads, your hamstrings and your butt.

When you're in the down phase, make sure your knee is over the top of your feet and not creeping past your toes. You want to take your time and make sure you're doing them with good form. And if you're rushing, you might be all over the place.

There is also something that's great for the inner thighs, and I think it's a favorite among women to do--plie' squats. And it brings you back to your own ballerina days.

So after a set of those plie' squats, get down and shuffle almost like football players and basketball players. If you want to add more intensity, you can reach up.

Always remember to stretch. A lot of people tend to neglect it at the end of the workout and then they don't get into the gym for the next day or so because their muscles are sore.

You want to hold each stretch that you do about 10-30 seconds. You never want to bounce.

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