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Starbucks Rolls Out Its Biggest Cup Ever

The bigger-is-better concept seems to be striking a chord among some Starbucks customers.

Starbucks will begin a phased-in nationwide rollout Tuesday of its Trenta cup size that can be filled with just shy of a quart's worth of iced beverages, such as coffee, tea and lemonade.

Starbucks Corp. says Trenta, which means 30 in Italian, will be 31 ounces (880 grams) and cost about 50 cents more than the 20-ounce (570-gram) Venti size.

The new cups will be introduced Tuesday in 14 states: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Hawaii, Nevada and Arizona.

Giving an example on "The Early Show," Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen said the Trenta iced coffee will cost $3.45 in New York City -- 11 cents an ounce. She pointed out, if you bought a Trenta every day for a year, you would spend $1,259.25 a year on iced coffee.

So how much caffeine is in the drink?

Koeppen explained the Trenta has more than 200 milligrams of caffeine -- more than two Red Bulls. The Venti, by comparison, is 160 milligrams -- the equivalent of 2 Red Bulls.

But do people really want a coffee this big?

Koeppen said Starbucks says their customers want this coffee. The company, she added is joining others who already offer these huge iced coffees. Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds already have 32-ounce iced coffees. She added, "We have been following Twitter and Facebook traffic on this. Lots of people are saying, 'Hooray more coffee."

As for cost, Koeppen broke each coffee retailer down by the ounce, according to New York pricing. She said Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts both charge 11 cents an ounce, while McDonalds' costs the least at seven cents an ounce.

California residents will be able to buy the Trenta beginning Feb. 1 and the nationwide rollout should be complete by May 3.

The expansion comes after the cafe chain tested the 31-ounce (880-gram) cup in several markets last year, including Phoenix, Tampa, Florida, and Atlanta.