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Stanford Student Assails Rice On Torture

A video from a Stanford University student shows what is claimed to be former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visiting a dorm on Monday for a reception with students. One student doggedly presses Rice about what he believes were the torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, which was caught on video and posted on YouTube.

"If you were there in a position of authority and watched Americans jump out of 80 story buildings because these murderous tyrants went after innocent people, then you were determined to do anything that you could, that was legal, to prevent that from happening," Rice said, referring to the September 11th terrorist attacks.

The student, who is standing just off camera, listened as the former Secretary of State and Stanford Provost explained her views.

"Foreign policy is full of tough choices, very tough choices," Rice said.

Three and a half minutes into the video, Rice's people try to move her along, but she insisted on continuing.

When the student noted that the United States did not torture during World War II, Rice responded, "With all due respect, Nazi Germany never attacked the homeland of the United States."

CBS5 in San Francisco has the story and video:

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