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Spotify introduces video content to its app

Spotify launching video streaming this week 03:02

Music streaming service Spotify is getting into the video mix. The popular music service is adding video content to its app -- not its website -- incorporating video clips into its Android app this week. This will be followed by video content in its iOS app next week, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The video content is being released in four launch markets -- the United States, U.K., Germany, and Sweden.

But is this what users want? When you turn to Spotify, aren't you just looking for music?

"That's the big key metric that all these media companies want -- engagement," Christina Warren, senior tech correspondent at Mashable, told CBS News. "They're not able to get that, they're hoping that if you put in video content you won't just use it for music, you'll also use this as a place to say, 'Hey, I've got 10 minutes to spare, five minutes to spare, let's look at some video clips.' And instead of opening up Youtube or Facebook or Snapchat, you know, I can stick up Spotify."

Back in May 2015, Spotify announced plans to move into digital video, partnering with the likes of Comedy Central and ESPN, among others.

Spotify video content had something of a soft launch in the past few months, with 10 percent of users in the four launch areas being able to access videos through their phones.

The video content will be accessible to both paid and unpaid subscribers.

Right now, Warren said there isn't a big difference in what Spotify video brings to the table, compared with content available on YouTube and Facebook.

"What they are hoping to do though, of course, is to create some original content. The idea would be to get some content form ESPN that you can only get from Spotify," Warren added.

Interestingly, a lot of this content does not include music videos, she said.

"If they can curate videos the same way the curate music ... maybe that would be useful for people the same way they have playlists now for going running or for doing anything else," Warren said.

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