Special Election For Hastert Seat Gets More Acrimonious

An already contentious special election in Illinois took another negative turn yesterday after Chicago’s NBC affiliate, WMAQ-TV, aired off-camera footage of Republican dairy owner Jim Oberweis mocking his Democratic opponent’s halting speech during a commercial break at a recent televised debate.

The footage (which can be seen here) shows Oberweis mock stuttering “I’m so nervous” with his opponent, physicist Bill Foster, sitting next to him.

This Saturday’s special election for the seat vacated by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has been heavily contested by both House campaign committees. The National Republican Congressional Committee has spent over $1.2 million on the race – nearly one-fifth of their entire campaign coffers.

And the DCCC has nearly matched the NRCC dollar-for-dollar, spending $1.04 million on television ads and mail pieces.

Meanwhile, Oberweis’ company, Oberweis Dairy, filed a lawsuit against the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for an ad that alleges that “illegal immigrants were found working at his own dairy stores.”

The lawsuit alleges that the DCCC “knowingly and willfully presenting false and
harmful information to the public about Oberweis Dairy.”

DCCC communications director Jennifer Crider called the lawsuit “an outrageous attempt to illegally use Oberweis Dairy resources to benefit his campaign.”

"Jim Oberweis knows that the ads about illegal immigrants found working at Oberweis Dairy stores are completely true and the DCCC plans to hold Jim Oberweis and Oberweis Dairy accountable for their frivolous claim,” Crider said.
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