Spears Pregnant; ER Visit 'Minor'

Some called it the worst-kept secret in showbiz but now, it's official: Britney Spears is pregnant.

The pop diva posted word on her Web site that she and husband Kevin Federline are expecting a baby.

"The time has finally come," the announcement says, "to share our wonderful news that we are expecting our first child together. There are reports that I was in the hospital this weekend. Kevin and I just want everyone to know that all is well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers."

The Early Show entertainment contributor and People magazine Senior Editor Jess Cagle tells co-anchor Hannah Storm the magazine has confirmed Spears did have a scare, but it wasn't nearly as serious as a tabloid claimed.

"One of many tabloid things she's been upset about lately," Cagle says, "is…a tabloid report that she went to the hospital and there was bleeding and a real scary situation.

"It turns out it was true, to an extent. However, she's fine.

"But I think she wanted her fans to know she was okay and she wanted to, as she has learned to do in the last couple of years, control the message. So she went ahead and released the statement (that she's pregnant) herself, and took some of the thunder away from the tabloids."

Cagle says Spears is "right on schedule," having previously told People she wanted to be pregnant when she was 23. She turned 23 in December.

He says signs point to Spears being four months into her pregnancy.

And, Cagle adds, photographers could be licking their chops.

People says every time she walks out of her house, she's worth thousands of dollars to the paparazzi. And, Cagle notes, "She's not one of those people that stays inside. The photographers will have a field day chronicling every expanding inch of this woman."

As for Spears' two stepchildren with Federline, a 2-year-old and 8-year-old, "I'm not sure how much time she spent with them," Cagle admits. "I know she is very fond of them. I also know…Federline…has been a good father to his two children. Even people close to his ex-girlfriend say that. So I think it bodes well. And I know she's very fond of those kids."

Cagle notes that, while she may be pulling back on work a bit, Spears still plans to start a reality show with Federline.