Sparks: Zac Efron my choice for "The Lucky One"

(CBS News) Writer Nicholas Sparks writes about what he knows - and he writes a lot about love.

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The day after Sparks met his wife, he told her that they would get married. He said he knew she was the one for him - not just because she was "smart... kind... and great sense of humor."

"All the big things in life - we had the same views," he said. "'Do you want to have kids, live in the city? Do you want to be at home when the kids are little?' So, we just had a lot in common."

Sparks has been married to his wife for 23 years and they have five children.

The best-selling author spoke Monday on "CBS This Morning" about the film adaptation of his novel, "The Lucky One." It's the story of a marine searching for a woman he believes was his good luck charm while he served in Iraq.

(Below, watch Zac Efron profile from "Sunday Morning.)

Sparks was thrilled with the casting of leading man, Zac Efron. "In talking to the other producer, we were looking for someone... who's been in front of the camera before a whole bunch of things," he said. "And you wanted someone who was just a genuinely nice guy."

The film takes place in North Carolina, where Sparks lives with his family. He calls it a great place to write. Seven of his 16 novels, including "The Notebook," and "Message in a Bottle" have been adapted to film.

"The Lucky One" opens in theaters Friday, April 20th.