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Mother of S.C. cop in deadly shooting defends son

Former South Carolina officer Michael Slager's dashboard camera shows a new perspective on what happened
Former S.C. cop's mother was "shocked" at son's murder charge 02:39

Karen Sharpe, the mother of South Carolina Officer Michael Slager, charged with the murder of Walter Scott, is breaking her silence and is expected to visit her son Friday for the first time since the shooting, reports CBS News correspondent Vicente Arenas.

"You never want to see these things happen to your family and I grieve for them. I grieve for us because this is such a life changer," Karen Sharpe said.

Slager's mother said she still hasn't been able to watch the footage.

"He's a loving, caring person and he wants to help people; that's why he became a police officer," Sharpe said.

When she found out he was being charged with murder she was "just shocked."

"I couldn't imagine this of Michael. I just couldn't imagine it," she said.

Sharpe said when she sees her son for the first time she will say she "love[s] him."

"That this is going to be a long haul but, 'Don't give up. Don't give up because we're all here for you,'" she said. 'Nobody's leaving you.' I don't want him to feel abandoned."

South Carolina shooting video is telling evidence in cop's murder charge 02:39

It began as a routine traffic stop, captured in newly released video from Slager's dashboard camera. It shows him pulling over 50-year-old Scott before their confrontation.

"Can I see your license, registration, and insurance card?" he said to Scott.

Scott said he doesn't have those documents because he's in the process of buying the vehicle from his neighbor.

"If you don't have insurance on your car, since you bought it, you have to have insurance," Slager said.

"I haven't bought it. I'm saying, I'm about to do that Monday," Scott responded.

Slager returns to his cruiser. After about 30 seconds Scott got out of the Mercedes-Benz.

"You have to stay in the car," Slager said.

Seventeen seconds later, Scott opened the door again and ran off. Slager chased him, off camera.

A bystander's cell phone video captured the dramatic confrontation that left Scott dead, and Slager charged with murder.

Thursday, South Carolina law enforcement officials revealed their agents noticed inconsistencies at the scene, including the multiple gunshot wounds in Scott's back. The cell phone video taken by Feidin Santana confirmed their suspicions.

"Never thought that it would make a huge impact like this," Santana said to Charleston affiliate WCSC.

Slager, whose wife is eight months pregnant, remains in jail possibly for weeks until his bond hearing.

Scott's family will lay him to rest Saturday.

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