Sony and Sega Prepare for Battle

There's a lot of ballyhoo over the arrival this fall of Sony's PlaySation2. It will not only play a new generation of PlayStation games, it will play the thousands on the market for the original PlayStation and DVD video movies as well. The price…three hundred dollars. So how will rival Sega compete? By making it's Dreamcast console free. Free? Well, of course there is a catch. Sega will give you a Dreamcast ….and throw in a keyboard…if you sign up for two years of Internet access through the company's new SegaNet. Sega's Gwendolyn Marker…

"The SegaNet service is available for 21.99 a month and if you sign up for two years of SegaNet, basically we're going to give away hardware for free. So you can get a Sega Dreamcast rebate of 199 dollars, which is the full value of your Sega Dreamcast and we'll give you a keyboard. With your SegaNet subscription, you also get four connections to the Web, so you can have your Dreamcast connected in the living room and PCs in three other rooms if you wanted to."
Even at the same time. A built in modem for online gaming and Web access is one advantage the Dreamcast has over Sony at the moment. It will even let gamers go head to head in games running on game consoles and PCs. The SegaNet service and the rebate deal are due to launch in September, about a month before the Sony launches the PlayStation2 in the U.S. Let the games begin. You can find us on the Web at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.