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Son Thinks Colin Powell Might Not Endorse

Colin Powell’s son Michael, a McCain adviser and the former commissioner of the FCC, says he wouldn’t be surprised if his father doesn’t make an endorsement.

“People keep waiting for him to hold a press conference,” Powell told Politico. “I suspect they might be waiting forever.”

At a recent CNN forum of former secretaries of state, Colin Powell said that he was still pondering his choice for president.

But his son cautions that doesn’t mean his father is mulling an endorsement.

“I think he considers his decision one way or another to be a personal vote as citizen,” said Michael Powell.

Of the few potential impact endorsements that still hang out there, Powell’s is at the top of the heap. He has made several pronouncements since the campaign has started that suggest a leaning towards Obama.

But Powell he has had a long and close relationship with McCain over the years as well. The McCain camp had even briefly floated the possibility of Powell being on the ticket.

Michael Powell said that he and his father have had conversations about the candidates “in an observing kind of way” but nothing beyond that.

“He’s rare,” the younger Powell said of his father. “His life was formed from 35 years of military service first, long before you ever heard of him, he was infantry combat officer, whose views were formed by military ethic and honor and he carries that with him today. When you’re a civilian, you can’t completely shed layer of politics, but his heart and commitment is simply to his country.”

Asked how significant his father’s endorsement would be for either candidate, Powell said, “I’m not sure at the end of the day.”

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