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Some thoughts and surprisingly sage advice from a "little dude"

(CBS) - What is with kids these days? Last week we had an intelligent and observant young girl pointing out flaws on a toy dinosaur with amazing perception and today we have a young boy giving surprisingly sage advice on life. Check it out.

The video entitled "thoughts from a little dude" was posted by YouTube user journalien who writes:

having been doing nothing over winter break and especially with 2012 rolling in, i wanted to do something for myself - and possibly in the process speak to others as well :) thus, thoughts from a little dude. I wanted to make some kind of vlog, but not something boring and typical. So I told my bro to help me out in speaking my mind.

We here at The Feed are definitely impressed by the rather insightful and inspiring thoughts from such a "little dude". If you'd like to check out more work from his helpful big brother who helped to put together the video, Ien Chi, you can go to his website by clicking here.
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