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"So You Think You Can Dance": Two more finalists sent packing

From left, bottom three contestants Miranda Maleski, Ashley Rich and Caitlynn Lawson on "So You Think You Can Dance," June 30, 2011. Fox

(CBS) After a performance show that had judges kissing one another and Kristin Chenoweth telling everyone to shut the front, back, side and garage doors, "So You Think You Can Dance" sent two more finalists home on Thursday night's results show.

So, which finalists had to dance for their lives, and which two were ultimately sent packing? (Spoiler Alert)

Pictures: "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 8

After the dancers opened the show with a jazz number to music from "The Incredibles," host Cat Deeley brought the couples on stage to learn their fates. And the bottom three pairs were Miranda and Robert, Ashley and Chris and Caitlynn and Mitchell.

The results weren't surprising. Miranda and Robert's Broadway number by Tyce Diorio was polished but nowhere near as exciting (or moving) as some of the other routines. Same goes for Caitlynn and Mitchell's Jean-Marc Genereux-choreographed samba - it was good, considering neither of them are ballroom dancers, but didn't compare to the other numbers. And all of the judges criticized Ashley and Chris' Sonya Tayeh-choreographed, zombie-inspired jazz routine.

The bottom six danced for their lives, and the results show also featured a beautiful duet from the AXIS Dance Company, which integrates dancers with and without physical disabilities, and a gravity-defying ballroom number from Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian.

Then, it was time for the judges' decision. Nigel Lythgoe didn't make the three girls suffer long - he called Miranda forward first, and told her that while she was improving as the show went on, it wasn't enough.

Lythgoe then called each of the boys forward. He told Chris and Robert that they weren't improving fast enough, and noted that while Mitchell's solos are impressive, he keeps finding himself in danger of elimination. Ultimately, Robert was the one sent packing.

What do you think of the eliminations? (Lythgoe noted that the judges' were not unanimous in their decision to send Miranda home, but all agreed on eliminating Robert.) And who do you think will win the competition? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

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