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Snow Job: Cops tell NJ teens to stop door-to-door shoveling offer

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. -- Two central New Jersey high schoolers who say they were just trying to make some money were ordered by police to stop going door-to-door to offer to shovel snow, CBS New York reported.

Before this week's storm hit, the two friends from Bridgewater were making the rounds advertising their snow shoveling services.

But when the two crossed into Bound Brook, they were stopped by cops.

"We weren't looking to break the law. We just didn't know the law," Matt Molinari said.

Police were alerted after someone called to report a suspicious person.

"Kind of saw like a spotlight, like a police spotlight," said Molinari.

The high school senior told CBS New York he and his friend got a lesson in local ordinances, putting their shoveling business on the shelf.

"'They need a permit, un-permitted solicitation is not allowed,'" Molinari said, recalling what the police told the pair.

The Bound Brook police chief had a different version. He told they are not cracking down on kids shoveling, but rather that it was a state of emergency and they should not have been out.

According to CBS New York, the teens were allowed to shovel for customers who called them directly, and they made about $100.

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