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Snooki launches her own lipstick

First a fragrance, and now a lipstick.

Jersey Shore breakout star Nicole Snooki Polizzi  has more than her fair share of haters, but much like Jessica Simpson, she's getting the last laugh by building a lucrative empire. Her latest product is a collaboration with KA'OIR cosmetics to develop her own light pink matte lipstick.

"I love the bright hue I was able to create," Snooki tells InStyle. "I'm obsessed with makeup, so to have my own signature lipstick is a dream of mine!"

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Called "Snookilicious," the lipstick retails for $22.

... Anyone else thinks the baby pink shade looks a lot like Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" lipstick for MAC?

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But seeing as Nicki's lipstick is sold out and now ridiculously hard to find unless you start trolling on eBay, this would be a good celeb lipstick substitute -- though at $22 it's definitely pricey.

Guess it takes a lot of cash to get that Guidette look.

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