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Dog named after "Rocky" for fighting spirit after being left in Pennsylvania park to die

PHILADELPHIA -- A dog who was left to die in a park near Philadelphia is finally eating after undergoing emergency surgery Tuesday night, CBS Philadelphia reports. The dog was found by a humane officer in Deshong Park, in Chester, according to Providence Animal Center.

"The dog was skin and bones, unable to lift his head," the animal center said in a Facebook post.

Look who is eating! Can you spot the tail wag? 💞

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Providence Animal Center says when the dog first arrived to the center he weighed about 50 pounds, potentially half or a little more than half of what his body weight should be. His stomach and arm areas were shaved. Vets believe he could have recently had a ultrasound or catheter.

The Providence Animal Center named the dog, Sly, after Philly's own Sylvester Stallone. Why name him after the "Rocky" star? Because he's a fighter, the animal center said.

MEET OUR FIGHTER: At 12:00pm, our Humane Officers received a call about a dog who was seen in a park having trouble...

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Vets performed emergency surgery on Sly after an X-ray determined that he had a rope toy blocking his intestines. Sly was taken to an overnight emergency facility where he would have 24-hour care.

SLY UPDATE: Sly stood for us! An x-ray determined a blockage in his intestines. The culprit: a rope toy. Sly underwent...

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Tuesday, April 24, 2018

As of Wednesday morning, officials say Sly was standing, wagging his tail and trying to lift his head. He returned to Providence Animal Center to recover throughout the afternoon.

SLY’s back at our Center, bright-eyed. Here he is upon arrival from the emergency facility. He’s now resting in our Isolation Unit, receiving fluids and pain medication post-surgery.

Posted by Providence Animal Center on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sly is heading to a medical foster home with one of his lifesavers, Dr. Gia Croce. He was one of the vets who performed surgery on Sly Tuesday night. Dr. Croce and his family took Sly for a walk on the wet grass, using towels as slings.

While the center is confident that he will make a full recovery, doctors found a corneal ulcer in his right eye, which appears to have ruptured. It is likely that Sly will lose his right eye, but they are monitoring and treating it.

The Providence Animal Center Humane Officers are seeking information from local vets regarding Sly's condition, and ultimately, his abandonment.

Anyone with information is asked to call (610) 566-1370, extension 214, or email

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