Site Asks Kid Killer To Remove Ad

The Web site that accepted a personal ad from convicted child killer Susan Smith seeking pen pals from her prison cell asked her Friday to withdraw the ad because the result has been "kind of a freak show."

"However, if Susan wants to keep the ad, we won't force her to get rid of it," said Jason Roberts, a spokesman for the Edgewater, Fla.-based

Roberts said Smith's online ad has gotten hundreds of responses but was becoming a distraction from the site's mission of helping other inmates make contacts in the outside world. He also said the media attention to the ad was overwhelming.

Smith, who is serving a life sentence, gained notoriety in 1994 for going on national television to tearfully plead for the return of her missing sons. She later admitted strapping 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex into their car seats and rolling the sleeping boys into a lake.

"I hope to receive letters from those who are not judgmental and who are sincere," reads the ad, accompanied by a photo of a smiling Smith, 31, wearing sweat pants marked "SC Department of Corrections."

In the $40 advertisement, posted last month, Smith says, "I will always hurt for the pain I've caused so many, especially my children."

"I love rainbows, Mickey Mouse, the beach, mountains and waterfalls," the ad reads. "I consider myself to be sensitive, caring and kind-hearted. I'm currently serving a life sentence on the charge of murder."

The ad ends with the words: "May God bless each one of you!"

Corrections Director Jon Ozmint confirmed Friday that Smith paid for the ad with a check from her South Carolina Department of Corrections account. Prisoners often have accounts for the small amount of money they earn doing jobs behind bars.

Smith's personal life has made headlines before. Two prison guards were disciplined for having sex with Smith three years ago. One was sentenced to 90 days in jail, the other was put on probation.