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Singer Is 'Soul Deep'

Laura Turner is a classically-trained singer for a new-age audience. In our Second Cup Café, she performed songs from her debut album on Curb Records, "Soul Deep."

Billboard Magazine writes: "For those who prefer to lie back with a glass of Merlot and drink in the beauty of an elegant, grown-up voice, Turner is the brightest new discovery of 2003."

Turner found her voice at a very young age because her family encouraged her to sing , but she didn't receive formal training until she was 16.

In high school, she was a member of a choir, performed in Broadway musicals and learned to sing songs made by popular by Pat Benatar, Whitney Houston, Carly Simon and Emmylou Harris.

Once she took formal training, however, Turner's teachers encouraged a less commercial approach to singing. She learned opera from some of the best teachers in the United States and abroad.

But Turner said she wasn't completely happy. She felt constrained by the conservative style of the classical genre. She missed the improvisation of commercial music, so she expanded her repertoire to include a pop music influence.

Turner collaborated with some of the music industry's most talented producers to create "Soul Deep," which she says is uncompromising and true to her soul as an artist.

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