Simplify Document Management by Accessing SharePoint or Google Docs in Outlook

Last Updated Nov 30, 2010 11:33 PM EST

Everyone agrees that a content management system -- you know, where you store your documents online in a central and managed way -- is a good thing. Without one, you resort to sending documents in e-mail, you lose track of versions, and you have to consolidate feedback from multiple copies of a file simultaneously. Good times.

As smart as it might be, it takes discipline to consistently use SharePoint or Google Docs. Sometimes it's to much trouble to check a file out of SharePoint and you just email a copy. But what if I had a solution that let you access your online documents from a sidebar in Outlook?

That would be pretty cool. No longer would you need to remember to open a browser window to find a file, and it would be a snap to send a link to a document in e-mail instead of attaching the file itself.

That's where comes in. Yes, it has a bafflingly bad name, but is an Outlook add-in that displays your content management system in a sidebar right next to your e-mail. There are versions of for SharePoint, Lotus Notes, and Google Docs. And while there's an Enterprise pricing plan available (prices start at $50/month for 10-99 users, and goes up to $26 for up to 6000 users), you can also use personal versions of the SharePoint or Google Docs versions for free. Here's where to get them [via WebWorkerDaily]: