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Sigourney Weaver's Emmy Buzz

In the new Lifetime TV movie "Prayers for Bobby," Sigourney Weaver plays a devout Christian mother who cannot accept her son's homosexuality.

"And that's the wonderful Ryan Kelly who plays Bobby," Weaver said after tearing up watching a clip from his performance.

"It's so thought-provoking. Is that what you hoped it would be?" asked Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez.

"Well, I think we all hoped that -- it is based on a true story, unfortunately, about a very loving family in the late '70s in northern California. And the youngest son, Bobby, discovers that he's gay. And when he shares this with his family, the mother, Mary Griffith, who I was able to meet, says that they have to cure him. And in those days, they did believe that homosexuality was something that could be cured. In fact, some people still believe that today," Weaver said.

In the movie, Weaver's character struggles to cure him, as Bobby struggles as well - thinking he does not want to go to hell. He also doesn't want to lose his family, but in the end, the pressure proves too much for him.

"She drives him away and he ends up committing suicide. The rest of the story really is about Mary's journey from this very closed-minded, fearful and rather bigoted person to someone who understands that God created Bobby the way he was and that it's a God of unconditional love," Weaver said.

Weaver's character doesn't give up her faith or religion, but changes the way she looks at it. The storyline develops with Mary's journey after her son's death - and Weaver gives an amazing performance.

According to Weaver, meeting the real Mary and her family helped her to encapsulate the character.

"It was very important to me. You know, the reason -- I mean, the family wanted this story told. They wanted to share it with as many families as possible so that other families, devout families, don't make the same mistakes that they did," she said. "You know, she's a wonderful woman. She was very candid with me. And I think it helped me enormously.

Although Weaver wasn't raised with these types of beliefs, as a mother she can relate to the connection with her children.

"I have to say that I never felt judgmental of Mary. She meant the best for her son. That's what's so frightening. And as a mother, I totally connected with her because we all want our children to be safe and to make safe choices. As far as she was concerned, this was a choice. And I think she didn't understand that this was part of who bobby was. She thought he was choosing a life, and she readily admits that she was incredibly ignorant," Weaver explained.

There is a lot of Emmy buzz swirling around "Prayers for Bobby."

"Well, I don't read reviews. I just hope people tune in. I'm delighted that I'll be able to come into the living rooms of so many families because I think this is a very timely story and a very moving one," she said.

"Prayers for Bobby" airs Saturday night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.