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Shoes Can Put Spring In Your Fashion Step!

Footwear can be a fashion focal point.

The editors at Lucky magazine say shoes should be at the center of your spring wardrobe.

Allyson Waterman, Lucky's special projects director, showcased some of the season's eye-catching trends on The Early Show Tuesday.

She says this season's shoes run the gamut from crazy to romantic.

Waterman observes that shoes and accessories set the tone for an outfit. While someone's clothing style may not vary, because their body type is what it is, people can be wildly experimental with shoes and use them to change the whole look of an outfit.

Last year, shoes were incredibly toned-down and we saw lots of sweet, girly styles, such as ballet flats, Waterman says, adding that it's as if, this year, shoes have taken a 180-degree turn and come out of a deep sleep. The styles are extreme -- incredibly bold, signature, different, and more unique than in seasons past, though certain styles aren't for everyone.

The main thing spanning all categories this season is COLOR, COLOR, AND MORE COLOR!

Even in the gladiator, we're seeing extreme amounts of patent leather and creativity.


Similar to crazy heel styles, the wedges this season are extreme. No longer the basic espadrille or wooden wedge, we're now seeing architecturally cut-out wedges.

While definitely available at the high-end extreme, the wedge has already trickled down and is available at every price point; the model on the show was wearing a pair from Target selling for $19.90.

What makes fashion interesting right now is the structure and construction of things; this idea trickles down to shoes, where we're seeing an appreciation for shape, hand-carved detail, and bright colors.

You want the look to be balanced; you can't wear an outfit that's totally slim because the shoes are very chunky.


Gladiator sandals are this seasons MUST-HAVE. They're available at every price point and every extreme.

There are some that are the ultimate extreme, with tons of straps, and then there are more ones that are paired-down. They can be tough to get right, so try on different styles that hit at different points on the ankle to find what works best for you.

The model on the show was wearing a pair from Sam Edelman ($85) with this season's popular maxi-dress; these shoes keep the dress from looking too sweet, too hippy-like, as well.


The brogues have come a long way from your father's lace-up Oxfords.

Of all shoes this season, this is probably the most signature, hard-to-wear, and edgy. You must "own" this look, embrace it, and wear it with confidence.

This is great with skirts and dresses. It's a very "specific" look. If you tend to be conservative, this is probably not the shoe for you -- it's not a good choice for a conservative office.

Paired with a sweet skirt, it gives the look an edge, and pair it with pants for a more tailored look.

These offer an excellent mix of feminine and masculine, and they can play both ways, depending on how you wear them.

The model on the show was wearing a Nine West gold peep toe shoe, $89.00.


This style is the answer to a woman's need for fashion that sets her apart.
The crazier the shoe, the harder to replicate.

These haven't been replicated by lower-end designers.

They're from the most creative of the bunch, Prada, MJ, Guiseppe Z. Statement pieces, KCD Paris.

Affluent consumers are looking for unique, hand-crafted things that can't immediately be reinterpreted at every level of the market place, thus these shoes are very expensive. They're hand-crafted, specific, and usually part of a limited-run.

Waterman was wearing Marc Jacobs misplaced heel in nude patent. $696.00.