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Sheryl Crow Teaches Son to Conserve Water

Sheryl Crow's son, Wyatt, is only 2 years old, but he's already learning the importance of conserving water.

The Grammy-winning singer, who is doing a benefit performance on Monday in celebration of World Water Day, said Wyatt already knows not to flush the toilet just for fun, because it wastes water.

"My little boy is worried about flushing the toilet - we're already starting, at 2-and-a-half," Crow said in an interview Friday. "He already knows not to flush the toilet unless, you know, you have to."

Sheryl Crow: Son a Reason to Be "Green"
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Crow added that she grew up in a family that was concerned about saving water.

"We were brought up to shut off the water when we were brushing our teeth, only ran the dishwasher when it was stuffed, never took 45-minute showers."

Those measures, along with running the washing machine at a low water level, are among those people can take to conserve water, she said.

"It's all simple things that, really, anybody can do."

All proceeds from Crow's World Water Day performance Monday night will benefit the Nature Conservancy, and the funds will help support river and lake projects across the United States to help protect those sources of clean, fresh drinking water.

Crystal Light, which is teaming up with the Nature Conservancy for a year-long partnership that includes Crow's concert, is also donating all the profits from the sale of its products on Monday to the Nature Conservancy - up to $750,000.

Crow added that people may not realize how fortunate they are to have access to clean water.

"We can really take it for granted that we live in a country where we don't have to struggle with our water sources."

She also stressed that now is an important time for people to get involved in protecting the environment including the world's water resources.

"I think we're at a turning point where people can really make a difference."
By Jessica Derschowitz

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