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Sharks Stuffed With Cocaine

Video Courtesy Of APTN

(CBS/AP) Something seemed fishy to the Mexican navy.

On Tuesday, the navy reported it had found a shipment of almost 894 kilogrammes (1,970 pounds) of cocaine hidden inside the carcasses of frozen sharks aboard a freight ship at a Gulf coast port in Yucatan state.

The shipment was inspected with dogs after an x-ray scan detected abnormalities.

"In brief, after opening up the shark carcasses, packages appeared that were perfectly wrapped and sealed in rectangles. The authorities were informed that they had found some kind of white dust, which appeared to be cocaine," said Navy commander Eduardo Villa.

The seizure totalled 870 packets, weighing 893.925 kilograms, according to the Secretary of the Navy's office.

The boat came from Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica.

On Wednesday, eight suspected members of the "La Familia" cartel were arrested in Mexico state, accused of drug dealing and extorting business owners.

More than 10,800 people have been killed by drug violence since Mexican President Felipe Calderon deployed 45-thousand troops to confront the cartels at the beginning of his presidency in December 2006.

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