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Back to ... what? The reopening of schools
Back to ... what? The reopening of schools 08:59

When lockdowns to slow the spread of COVID-19 first swept through the United States in early March, schools quickly shut down and pivoted to online learning with little time to prepare. Many hoped it would be a temporary situation and looked forward to a return to normalcy in the fall. 

Now, about six months into the pandemic, the beginning of a new school year has created a web of difficult decisions for school systems, parents, teachers and students. 

In many parts of the country, the experiments are already playing out in real time. Many colleges have reverted to online-only classes after outbreaks. School districts have delayed openings, closed campuses after cases flared up, or decided to begin the year virtually. Parents have created homeschooling "pods" as an alternative to sending their kids to school. Lower-income students are struggling to access the technology needed to attend online schooling. 

There are many stories to tell, and CBS News wants to hear directly from you. How is your district handling the pandemic? How do you feel about returning or not returning to in-person schooling? Has your school figured out a unique way to move forward this year? Is there a story you haven't seen covered in the news? 

Fill out the form below to share your story, and CBS News might be in touch. Your identity will be kept private unless you give permission otherwise.

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