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Shape Up Dull, Dry Winter Hair

If the combination of dry indoor heat and cold outdoor air is making your hair scream for help, have no fear. The Early Show's stylist David Evangelista gave some tips for those suffering from winter's hair doldrums.

Evangelista explains the heat in homes and cold air outside combine to dry the hair out. Also, sweaters and turtlenecks can make hair static and frizzy.

Evangelista warns women who shampoo to stop rubbing their hair dry. He says it puts stress on the cuticles and could break hair or make it more frizzy. He advises to pat dry your hair.

"In the shower, after shampooing, give yourself a cool rinse," Evangelista advices. "Not only will it wake you up, it will actually seal the cuticle and prep it for blow drying."

Many hair dryers have cold air blasts, which also helps seal in the cuticle.

Evangelista says if your hair is fine, it isn't a good idea to shampoo and condition your hair every day. Use it every other day. If it's thick, you need the extra moisture. If you feel your hair is really dry, use it every day.

In the winter, Evangelista recommends picking shampoos that say "moisture rich," for dry or damaged hair.

Hair masks may be an option for those looking to moisturize their hair.
Evangelista says the mask is like a hair quencher.

"The hair is dry, so it needs more moisture," he says. "Do these once a week. Plus it gives you time to be by yourself, lay back like a movie star."
Don't condition your hair if you're going to use the hair mask. Shampoo and then put the mask on your hair – not your scalp. Leave it in for 20 or 30 minutes. You can comb it through or use your fingers and massage it through.

Don't strip the hair and rub it. Afterward, shampoo it out.

Evangelista says conditioners protect the hair from the elements. Conditioners with emollients will feed your hair moisture all day.
Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer, says Evangelista.

"You can infuse your shampoos with natural ingredients like this," he explains. "Linseed oil is great because artists use it when painting and the brushes get dry. It moistens the hair up again."

Vitamin E, aloe and other natural moisturizers can also be mixed into shampoos to give it a a little boost.

Also, Evangelista says a little pomade goes a long way. Just use a dab of it.

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