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Shania Twain Gets Gold Out of "Idol" Singers

With six concrete performances, Shania Twain proved to be the best "American Idol" mentor on Tuesday night's episode.

The queen of Country music lent her songbook for the evening and personally consulted each contestant. Twain's pop sensibility and rocker attitude have proven to be a winning combination in her successful career and in her "Idol" mentorship.

Each contestant brought their A-game and attempted to bring something new to the playing field while staying consistent with the country soul theme. Overall, the four judges were content with each performance.

"This is going to be tough," said Judge Ellen Degeneres. "Everybody is doing well."

Season 9 Contestants
The "Idol" Finale

Lee Dewyze started off the night and chose to sing "Still The One." Twain advised him to start of his performance singing acapella and show off his voice first instead of hiding it under a guitar.

Dewyze successfully listened to her advice and came out strong. He ended up showing a lot more personality than he had in the past weeks and the Judges were feeling it.

"You couldn't look cuter," a smiling Ellen said.

Casey James finally pulled through tonight after two consecutive disappointing weeks. He finally pushed himself further by hitting some big notes while keeping the perfect melody after his crowd pleasing performance of "Don't." This proved success as all the judges agreed that tonight was his best performance yet.

The men continued to keep the judges happy. Michael "Big Mike' Lynche's R&B style performance of "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing" was compared to Luther Vandross and 17 year old, Aaron Kelly wowed the judges with his maturity and Simon thought his performance felt sincere and believable.

"It didn't sound like you sang someone else's record."

The two remaining ladies, Crystal Bowersox and Siobhan Magnus both performed well enough to receive praise from the judges. Bowersox's acoustic based performance of "No One Needs to Know" fell on track with this weeks country theme.

Although she usually sets the bar really high for the other contestants, the judges felt tonight wasn't their favorite performance from her. Luckily, the judges still appreciate her for trying something new.

"You are still amazing, " said Kara dioguardi

Siobhan Magnus ended the night with her rendition of "Any Man of Mine," Twain's first #1 country hit. Her performance started off strong as she played the stage and crowd well.

But as per usual, Magnus finished her performance with a big screeching note, her trademark in this competition. Randy appreciated the punk, country look she showcased and thought it was a good way to end the show. Simon thought the screaming was a little much and said it sounded like she was giving birth.

"But it was fun," he said.

Tomorrow night's episode will continue the country theme with a performance from the Rascal Flats.