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Sexy Bikini-Body Workout: No Gym Necessary

Katrina Hodgson (left) and Karena Dawn on the beach in Southern California. (James Han photo)

(CBS) Would you love to have a bikini-ready body - but hate the idea of working out in the gym?

You might not have to. So say LA-based fitness trainers Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn.

PICTURES: Step-by-Step Beach Body Workout

"We encourage people to get into shape with workouts that are fun instead of torturous," says Katrina, half of the "Tone It Up" duo, who offer fitness and diet advice on their website and YouTube channel.

"Most people think of fitness as something you do in the gym. But fitness is a lifestyle, and dancing, bike riding, running can keep you fit even if you never set foot in a gym."

We asked Katrina and Karena to create a 5 minute beach body workout that anyone can do, no gym necessary. Sure, they filmed it on beautiful Manhattan beach in California, but you can do it at home.

"People tell us they have never felt better," Hodgson says of those who follow their fitness advice. "They say, 'My body feels younger than it did in my twenties, I no longer experience joint pain, and I have more energy."

Will it do all that for you? Try it out and let us know.

PICTURES: Step-by-Step Beach Body Workout

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