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Sexual Harassment In The News

Focus on Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment. What's legal and what's not?

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March 24, 1998: Jim Stewart takes a closer look at the Supreme Court's efforts to define sexual harassment.

March 23, 1998: Paula Zahn reports on a college professor who teaches a course on male classic playwrights. He has been accused of creating a hostile environment for women.

March 17, 1998: Frank Currier reports on allegations at a Chicago Ford plant.

March 9, 1998: Paula Zahn reports on co-ed training in the U.S. Army.

March 16, 1998: David Martin reports on the court martial of Sergeant Major Gene McKinney.

March 18, 1998: Jane Robelot moderates a This Morning roundtable on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.

March 18, 1998: Ray Brady reports on new allegations at Boeing.

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